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Slides from the classroom and other relevant material you may want to get your hands on. Slides are delivered in two formats: handouts of the slides themselves and as an “article”, which will contain some (but not all) of the explanations that are given during class but not written down on slides or other important/interesting/relevant material. All lectures and content are tentative and subject to change if required.

Season S22


Topic Slides
Introduction (Practicals) Slides
Processes and Threads Slides
Virtual Memory Basics Slides
Assignment A1 Slides
Virtual Memory and Page Replacement Slides
Deadlocks and Scheduling Slides
Filesystems Slides
Assignment A2 Slides

Season W21


Topic Slides
Introduction (Practicals) os-slides-vo1
Processes and Threads os-slides-vo2
Virtual Memory Basics os-slides-vo3
Assignment A1 os-slides-vo4
Virtual Memory and Page Replacement
Deadlocks and Scheduling
Assignment A2