Roderick Bloem

Univ.-Prof. Ph.D.

Formal Methods, Professor

Roderick Bloem received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Leiden University, the Netherlands in 1996, and his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, in 2001. From 2002 until 2008, he was an Assistant at Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria. From 2008, he has been a full professor of Computer Science at the same university. He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers in formal verification, reactive synthesis and security. He leads the Austrian National Research Network on Rigorous Systems Engineering and has organized events including the Computer Aided Verification conference and Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design.
Roderick Bloem


I teach

  • Verification and Testing
  • Selected Topic in Design and Verification




Synthesis of distributed algorithms with parameterized threshold guards

Bloem, R.
21st International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems, OPODIS 2017, Schloss Dagstuhl- Leibniz-Zentrum fur Informatik GmbH, Dagstuhl Publishing

Generic Low-Latency Masking in Hardware

Iusupov, R. & Bloem, R.
, 1-21

Small faults grow up - Verification of error masking robustness in arithmetically encoded programs

Karl, A., Schilling, R., Bloem, R. & Mangard, S.
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Sharing Independence Relabeling: Efficient Formal Verification of Higher-Order Masking

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Formal Verification of Masked Hardware Implementations in the Presence of Glitches

Bloem, R., Iusupov, R., Könighofer, B. & Mangard, S.
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