Masoud Ebrahimi


Formal Methods, PhD Candidate

Masoud Ebrahimi is a member of "Systematic Construction of Correct Systems" and working in the field of Formal Verification under the supervision of Professor Roderick Bloem. He joined the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) in 2016.
Masoud Ebrahimi


Masoud Ebrahimi is a researcher focused on software/hardware verification. His research interests are primarily in formal methods for the design and verification of digital systems. He studies temporal logics and omega-automata, model checking, automata learning, and symbolic execution and tries to bridge certain gaps in verification and synthesis using relevant machine learning methods.


Learning Mealy Machines with One Timer

Vaandrager F., Bloem R., Ebrahimi M.
14th-15th International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications

Synthesizing Reactive Systems Using Robustness and Recovery Specifications

Bloem R., Chockler H., Ebrahimi M., Strichman O.
2019 Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design, FMCAD 2019, FMCAD 2019, 147-151

Learning a Behavior Model of Hybrid Systems Through Combining Model-Based Testing and Machine Learning

Aichernig B., Bloem R., Ebrahimi M., Horn M., Pernkopf F., Roth W., Rupp A., Tappler M., Tranninger M.
Testing Software and Systems, 31st IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, ICTSS 2019, Paris, France, October 15–17, 2019, Proceedings, IFIP-ICTSS 2019, 3-21, (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol. 11812)

Symbolic checking of Fuzzy CTL on Fuzzy Program Graph

Ebrahimi M., Sotudeh G., Movaghar A.
Acta informatica

Automata Learning for Symbolic Execution

Aichernig B., Bloem R., Ebrahimi M., Tappler M., Winter J.
2018 Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design, FMCAD 2018, Austin, TX, USA, October 30 - November 2, 2018, 18th Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design, 130 - 138

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