Herbert Leitold


Secure Applications, A-SIT

Herbert Leitold is Director-General of Secure Information Technology Center Austria A-SIT. He holds a masters in Telecommunication and Informatics from Graz University of Technology. Herbert joined IAIK in 1995 and had research assistant positions until 2015. From 2005 to 2012 he was director of the eGovernment Innovation Center EGIZ and from 2004 to 2022 director of the non-profit foundation Stftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies - SIC. Herbert joined A-SIT  in 2002 as head of technology assesment, became A-SIT board member as  Secretary-General in 2015 and since 2021 is A-SIT 's Director-General.
Herbert Leitold


My research interests are eGovernment, electronic signatures, and electronic identity — in particular concerning the EU eIDAS Regulation. I contributed to several related European projects, like:

  • STORK and STORK 2.0, the EU Large Scale Pilots on eID federation where I served as Member State Council co-chair and was pilot-leader of the integration with the European Commission Authentication Service ECAS
  • eSENS, the EU Large Scale Pilot on Building Block consolidation, where I coordinated the Austrian national consortium
  • Cloud for Europe on cloud services for the public sector where I was in charge of the work package on pre-commercial procurement preparation
  • SUNFISH on the secure federation of governments’ private cloud infrastructures where I was work package leader on requirement identification
  • FutureTrust on advancing trust services where A-SIT and A-SIT Plus manage the pilot evaluation
  • the CEF projects eID4U on using eID in universities and SEMPER on enhancing eIDAS with electronic mandates
  • the mGOV4EU project on advancing eIDAS and SDGR to mobile devices,  where I am the technical leader
  • in the POTENTIAL Large Scale Pilot I contribute as Use Case Lead of the qualified electronic signature pilot and  coordinate the Austrian participation as the chairman of a national consortium with 13 Austrian members.


  • Member of the Austrian delegations to the eIDAS Cooperation Network, Expert Group, and Technical Subgroup
  • Austrian representative to the Common Criteria Management Committee
  • Programme Co-Chair and proceedings Co-Editor of: CMS 2016; EGOVIS 2012EGOVIS 2013APF 2017
  • Programme Committee Member of various conferences and reviewer for journals (e.g., Annual Privacy Forum, BIOSIG, Computers and Security, EGOVIS, GI Sicherheit, ISSE, Open Identity Summit)