Herbert Leitold


Secure Applications, A-SIT

Herbert Leitold joined IAIK in 1995. He is Director-General of Secure Information Technology Center Austria A-SIT and director of Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies - SIC. He holds a masters in Telecommunication and Informatics from Graz University of Technology. Herbert's primary expertise is in eGovernment, electronic signatures, and electronic identity. He is co-leading the A-SIT team at IAIK.
Herbert Leitold


My research interests are eGovernment, electronic signatures, and electronic identity — in particular concerning the EU eIDAS Regulation. I contributed to several related European projects, like:

  • STORK and STORK 2.0, the EU Large Scale Pilots on eID federation where I served as Member State Council co-chair and was pilot-leader of the integration with the European Commission Authentication Service ECAS
  • eSENS, the EU Large Scale Pilot on Building Block consolidation, where I coordinated the Austrian national consortium
  • Cloud for Europe on cloud services for the public sector where I was in charge of the work package on pre-commercial procurement preparation
  • SUNFISH on the secure federation of governments’ private cloud infrastructures where I was work package leader on requirement identification
  • FutureTrust on advancing trust services where A-SIT and A-SIT Plus manage the pilot evaluation
  • the CEF projects eID4U on using eID in universities and SEMPER on enhancing eIDAS with electronic mandates
  • the mGOV4EU project on advancing eIDAS and SDGR to mobile devices,  where I am the technical leader


  • Member of the Austrian delegations to the eIDAS Cooperation Network, Expert Group, and Technical Subgroup
  • Austrian representative to the Common Criteria Management Committee
  • Board member of EEMA
  • Programme Co-Chair and proceedings Co-Editor of: CMS 2016; EGOVIS 2012EGOVIS 2013APF 2017
  • Programme Committee Member of various conferences and reviewer for journals (e.g., Annual Privacy Forum, BIOSIG, Computers and Security, EGOVIS, GI Sicherheit, ISSE, Open Identity Summit)