Felix Hörandner

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Secure Applications, PhD Candidate

Felix Hörandner is working as a researcher focused on IT security at the Austrian E-Government Innovation Center (EGIZ), which is a unit of Graz University of Technology. His main research interests lie at the intersection of cloud computing, identity management, data sharing, and advanced cryptographic mechanisims with the aim of achieving user-friendly solutions. Before joining IAIK, he studied computer science at Graz University of Technology, studied abroad in San Diego, California, and completed his Master's degree in 2016.
Felix Hörandner


My research focus lies in data sharing and identity management, where I aim to develop user-friendly and practical solutions that address various challenges. These challenges, for example, include improving the users’ privacy within semi-trusted cloud environments, as well as, designing user-friendly strategies for key management and recovery from device-loss.

I contributed to international research projects and activities, including:

  • CREDENTIAL: an EU-funded H2020 project with the goal to develop a user-centric, cloudified, privacy-preserving platform for data sharing
  • SEMPER: an EU Large Scale Pilot on Crossborder Semantic Interoperability of Powers and Mandates


I am contributing to the lecture Selected Topics IT Security 1 – E-Government in the area of identity management.


E-Government in the Public Cloud: Requirements and Opportunities

Abraham, A., Hörandner, F. & Zefferer, T.

Towards Privacy-Preserving and User-Centric Identity Management as a Service

Rabensteiner, C., Hörandner, F. & Roth, S.
Open Identity Summit 2017, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

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