Christof Rabensteiner

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Secure Applications, Developer

Christof Rabensteiner is a project assistant at IAIK and part of the E-Government Innovation Center Research Group (EGIZ). He studied computer science (focus on information security and software technology) at TU Graz, where he graduated (Dipl.Ing., eq. to MSc) in 2017.
Christof Rabensteiner


My research interests lie in:

  • Identity Management
  • Web- and Mobile Security
  • Privacy and Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Up until 2018, I contributed to the EU funded research project CREDENTIAL, which showcases privacy-preserving services to store and share identity information. As for now, I develop middleware and monitoring solutions for Austrian’s eDelivery services.
I also develop and maintain the SSL/TLS inspection service for web and mail servers.