Christian Rechberger

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Cryptology & Privacy, Professor

Christian Rechberger is full professor at TU Graz, directing the area 'Cryptography and Privacy' at IAIK, and co-leading the area 'Data Security' at Know-Center. Previously, he held various teaching, research, and visiting positions at DTU Compute, ENS Ulm, KU Leuven and MSR Redmond.

Christian Rechberger


Foundational and applied aspects of cryptographic security and privacy.


  • IT-Security (lecture and practicals: winter term)
  • Applied Cryptography 2 (lecture/seminar and practicals: summer term)


Second Preimages for SMASH

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Analysis of the Hash Function Design Strategy called SMASH

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The Rebound Attack and Subspace Distinguishers: Application to Whirlpool

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