Reinhard Lüftenegger


Cryptology & Privacy, PhD Student

Reinhard Lueftenegger started his PhD study in the area of Cryptography at Graz University of Technology in 2018. His research interests include analysis and design of symmetric key primitives, algebraic cryptanalysis, elliptic curve cryptography and mathematical aspects of cryptography in general. Prior, he studied Mathematics, Philosophy and Engineering Science at Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and graduated with distinction as MSc in Mathematics.
Reinhard Lüftenegger


I research algebraic cryptanalysis of block ciphers and hash functions and resulting implications on design choices. In particular, I work on Gröbner basis and higher-order differential attacks, boolean functions and interpolation attacks. Furthermore, I gradually develop towards the field of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, with a focus on Isogeny-Based Post-Quantum Cryptography.


I teach cryptography as part of the graduate course:

  • AK IT-Security 2 (seminar: winter term)