Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography

Course Number 705103 | Wintersemester 2020/21


This course aims at explaining the following mathematical concepts, which are important in modern-day cryptography:
  • Groups, Rings, Fields
  • Finite Fields
  • Gröbner Bases
  • Elliptic Curves
  • Discrete Logarithm
  • Lattices


Date Lecture (10:00–12:00) Who
08.10.2020 Introduction L01 – Groups Proofs LH
15.10.2020 L02 - Rings LH
22.10.2020 L03 - Fields and Finite Fields RL
29.10.2020 L04 - Elliptic Curves RL
12.11.2020 L05 - Discrete Logarithm LH
26.11.2020 & 03.12.2020 L06 & L07 - Gröbner Bases RL
10.12.2020 L08 - Lattices LH
17.12.2020 L09 - Lattices Crypto LH
14.01.2020 Cube Attacks SIDH

Administrative Information

Previous Knowledge No specific knowledge required. Basic mathematical competence in Linear Algebra and Discrete Mathematics is of advantage. Prerequisites Curriculum See position in the curriculum. Objective In this course, you will ...
  • ...discuss mathematical concepts behind modern cryptography.
  • ...have hands-on opportunity to analyze these concepts.
  • ...get insight into selected topics of cryptographic research.
Language English Teaching Method Lecturing, work on individual topics, collaborating, classroom discussions Registration See Course registration in TUGOnline.


Christian Rechberger


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