Selected Topics IT Security 2: Mathematical Background of Cryptography

Course Number 705051 | Wintersemester 2019/20

In this course, you will understand the mathematical concepts behind modern cryptography.


This course aims at explaining the following mathematical concepts,
which are important in modern-day cryptography:

  • Groups, Rings, Fields
  • Finite Fields
  • Gröbner Bases
  • Elliptic Curves
  • Discrete Logarithm
  • Lattices


Date Lecture (10:00–12:00) Who
03.10.2019 L0 – Introduction, L1 – Groups LH
10.10.2019 L2 – Rings LH
17.10.2019 L3 – Fields and Finite Fields RL
24.10.2019 No seminar
31.10.2019 Talks by students – FHE, GB, GHASH, MHRS
07.11.2019 L4 – Elliptic Curves RL
14.11.2019 L5 – Discrete Logarithm LH
21.11.2019 L6 – Gröbner Bases RL
28.11.2019 Talks by students – SPDZ,HOD
05.12.2019 L7 – Boolean Functions RL
12.12.2020 L8 – Lattices 1 LH
09.01.2020 L9 – Lattices 2 LH
16.01.2020 Talks by students – SIDH, THash, ZK, Prime
23.01.2020 L10 – LWE


Administrative Information

The grades for the seminar are on three seminar papers. One of them has to be presented in the seminar (about 20 min). The topics for the second seminar paper can be found here.

An example for a good seminar paper about Secret Sharing can be found here.


Christian Rechberger


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