Sujoy Sinha Roy promoted to Associate Professor

We are overjoyed to announce that Sujoy Sinha Roy has successfully completed his tenure track and has been promoted to associate professor as of June 1, 2024! Sujoy joined our institute in December 2020 after two years as an assistant professor at the University of Birmingham. Sujoy’s research focuses on the secure and efficient implementation aspects of cryptography. He contributed to the advancements of post-quantum cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption, including the codesign of the SABER key encapsulation mechanism.

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LosFuzzys at Insomni’hack 2024

Two IAIK members receive their doctorate under the auspices of the Austrian President

Graduation “sub auspiciis” for Daniel Kales

Two IAIK members receive their doctorate under the auspices of the Austrian President

Christian Rechberger receives Test Of Time Award

Two IAIK members receive their doctorate under the auspices of the Austrian President

Maria wins SPIRIT Award

IAIK at Ball der Technik 2024

Martin Schwarzl receives Austrian National “Award of Excellence” for Best Dissertations 2023

Each year, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research honors the achievements of the best 39 doctoral graduates from Austrian universities with Awards of Excellence. We are delighted to announce that IAIK alumnus Martin Schwarzl is one of the recipients of this year’s Austrian National Award for Best Dissertations 2023 . His doctoral thesis, “Remote Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses”, made significant contributions to the field of system security. The work shows how low-level aspects of computer organization, memory management, caches, and transient execution, can be exploited even by remote adversaries to leak sensitive information.

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Hedy Lamarr Award 2023 goes to… Maria Eichlseder!

The city of Vienna honoured Maria Eichlseder for her work on secure and efficient cryptographic algorithms.

The sixth Hedy Lamarr Prize of the City of Vienna was awarded to Maria on 21st November 2023. “The Hedy Lamarr Prize winners inspire through their technological excellence and are role models for future generations of women who want to gain a foothold in the IT industry. Outstanding research by women not only contributes significantly to the progress of science in all areas, but also brings forth a variety of perspectives and innovations that have a lasting impact on our society,” says City Councillor for Science Veronica Kaup-Hasler.

The city of Vienna awards the Hedy Lamarr Prize every year together with DigitalCity.Wien and UIV Urban Innovation Vienna.

Congratulations once more!

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To find out more about the award click here!

Photo copyright: DigitalCity.Wien & Clemens Schmiedbauer