The “Zukunftsfonds Steiermark” just released their activity report for their funding period from 2018 to 2022. Thanks to the funding they provided, two of our research groups were able to be established:

Team CryptEng: For safe cryptographic implementations led by Sujoy Sinha Roy

“Quantum computers could render many of the current encryption algorithms useless. We need post-quantum cryptography.”

Under the leadership of Prof. Sinha Roy, the first group is focused on exploring the realm of post-quantum cryptography. Recognizing the potential vulnerability of current encryption algorithms to quantum computers, the team works at the forefront of developing the next generation of cryptographic systems that can effectively withstand quantum attacks.

Team Trusted AI: For trustworthy artificial intelligence led by Bettina Könighofer

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly deployed in safety critical applications. We need to be able to trust its decisions.”

Prof. Könighofer and her team use rigorous methods to provide correctness guarantees for AI-systems. The team studies model-based methods to automatically correct the decisions made by AI-systems and to provide explanations for its decisions that are understandable to the end-user.

In the report the two teams and their research areas are introduced. Read the article (in German) on page 83 of the activity report or find out more about the two teams and their research.