Sujoy Sinha Roy

Ass.Prof. PhD

Secure Systems, Assistant Professor

Sujoy Sinha Roy is an assistant professor at IAIK,  the Graz University of Technology. He works on secure and efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms on hardware and software platforms. He received the PhD degree in 2017 with 'Summa cum laude with congratulations from the examination committee' from COSIC, KU Leuven, Belgium. His doctoral thesis was awarded the 'IBM Innovation Award 2018' that recognizes an outstanding doctoral thesis in informatics. He is a co-designer of ‘Saber’ which was a finalist KEM candidate in NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Project. Before joining TU Graz, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Birmingham's Security and Privacy group, from Sep 2018 to Nov 2020.  
Sujoy Sinha Roy



News  Aikata’s master thesis, titled “Efficient Polynomial Arithmetic Architecture for Saber and Dilithium” received the 1st prize in the TU Graz Forum Technology and Society 2022. Congratulations to Aikata!

PhD position opening:  

If you are interested in working with our team, you may contact me directly with a CV and a short motivation text.


Project topics for Bachelors and Masters thesis

If you are interested in doing a bachelor or master project with us, please see the list of potential topics here.

Highlighted master project topics for this year:

Homomorphic evaluation of machine learning

Side-channel evaluation of NIST post-quantum cryptography winners

Vectorized software implementation of Isogeny-based signature

Compact and secure implementation of client-side homomorphic encryption

You may propose a topic as well.



Ongoing third-party funded projects

  • Secure and efficient implementation of Post-quantum Cryptography
  • Hardware acceleration of homomorphic encryption

Postdoctoral researchers

Current PhD researchers

Current MSc project researchers

  • Ian Khodachenko
  • Florian Krieger
  • Michael Streibl

Publications in 2021-22

  • Aikata Aikata and Andrea Basso and Gaetan Cassiers and Ahmet Can Mert and Sujoy Sinha Roy: Kavach: Lightweight masking techniques for polynomial arithmetic in lattice-based cryptography. IACR Trans. Cryptogr. Hardw. Embed. Syst. 2023(3).
  • Ahmet Can Mert and Aikata and Sunmin Kwon and Youngsam Shin and Donghoon Yoo and Yongwoo Lee and Sujoy Sinha Roy: Medha: Microcoded Hardware Accelerator for computing on Encrypted Data. IACR Trans. Cryptogr. Hardw. Embed. Syst. 2023(1).
  • Aikata Aikata and Ahmet Can Mert and Malik Imran and Samuel Pagliarini and Sujoy Sinha Roy: KaLi: A Crystal for Post-Quantum Security Using Kyber and Dilithium. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems 1 (2023).
  • Aikata AikataAhmet Can MertDavid JacqueminAmitabh DasDonald MatthewsSantosh GhoshSujoy Sinha Roy: A Unified Cryptoprocessor for Lattice-based Signature and Key-exchange. Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Computers (2023).
  • Malik Imran, Aikata Aikata, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Samuel Pagliarini: High-speed Design of Post Quantum Cryptography with Optimized Hashing and Multiplication. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems 2 (2023).
  • Malik Imran, Felipe Almeida, Andrea Basso, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Samuel Pagliarini: High-speed SABER Key Encapsulation Mechanism in 65nm CMOS. Journal of Cryptographic Engineering 2023.
  • Sujoy Sinha Roy and Utsav Banerjee: Preventing a Crypto-Apocalypse — From Mathematics to Circuits for Post-Quantum Cryptography. IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine ( Volume: 15, Issue: 1, winter 2023)
  • Florian Hirner and Ahmet Can Mert and Sujoy Sinha Roy: PROTEUS: A Tool to generate pipelined Number Theoretic Transform Architectures for FHE and ZKP applications. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/267.
  • Prasanna Ravi, Shivam Bhasin, Anupam Chattopadhyay, Aikata, Sujoy Sinha Roy: Backdooring Post-Quantum Cryptography: Kleptographic Attacks on Lattice-based KEMs. IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. 2022: 1681 (2022).
  • David Jacquemin and Ahmet Can Mert and Sujoy Sinha Roy: Exploring RNS for Isogeny-based Cryptography. IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. 2022: 1289 (2022)
  • Jipeng Zhang and Junhao Huang and Zhe Liu and Sujoy Sinha Roy: Time-memory Trade-offs for Saber+ on Memory-constrained RISC-V. IEEE Transactions on Computers 2022.
  • Prasanna RaviMartianus Frederic EzermanShivam BhasinAnupam ChattopadhyaySujoy Sinha Roy:
    Will You Cross the Threshold for Me? Generic Side-Channel Assisted Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks on NTRU-based KEMs. IACR Trans. Cryptogr. Hardw. Embed. Syst. 2022(1): 722-761 (2022).
  • Prasanna RaviShivam BhasinSujoy Sinha RoyAnupam Chattopadhyay: On Exploiting Message Leakage in (few) NIST PQC Candidates for Practical Message Recovery and Key Recovery Attacks. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 2021.
  • Sujoy Sinha RoyAhmet Can MertAikataSunmin KwonYoungsam ShinDonghoon Yoo:
    Accelerator for Computing on Encrypted Data. IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. 2021: 1555 (2021)
  • Zhuang XuOwen PembertonSujoy Sinha RoyDavid F. Oswald: Magnifying Side-Channel Leakage of Lattice-Based Cryptosystems with Chosen Ciphertexts: The Case Study of Kyber. IEEE Transactions on Computers 2021.
  • Malik ImranFelipe AlmeidaJaan RaikAndrea BassoSujoy Sinha RoySamuel Pagliarini:
    Design Space Exploration of SABER in 65nm ASIC. ASHES@CCS 2021: 85-90
  • Andrea BassoSujoy Sinha Roy: Optimized Polynomial Multiplier Architectures for Post-Quantum KEM Saber. DAC 2021: 1285-1290


  • Cryptographic Engineering‘ during the winter session. The course will teach how to implement cryptographic algorithms securely and efficiently.