Master Information Security

Find out why crypto works and how it’s applied to protect your digital identity, how to develop secure systems (and maybe even prove that the implementation is correct), and how attackers try to break all of these. We teach Information Security in the CS&BME Master’s degree programmes Computer Science (CS), Information and Computer Engineering (ICE) and Software Engineering and Management (SEM). To study Information Security at TU Graz, you choose it as a Major or Minor in one of these degree programmes. We welcome students from Graz and from abroad – there are attractive scholarships for incoming students. Find out more!


Each of the degree programmes covers 120 ECTS, which includes courses in the Major, Minor, some optional subjects, and a master’s thesis (30 ECTS). For CS and SEM, the Major includes 10–15 ECTS in Seminars/Projects and 0–4 ECTS in “Science, Technology, and Society”. For SEM, Information Security can only be chosen as a Major and is combined with a Minor in Management. For ICE, the Seminar/Project of 10 ECTS can be added to either Major or Minor, and Information Security is combined with a Major or Minor that focuses on partly on Electrical Engineering. For full details, check the original curricula in TUGRAZonline (currently only in German).

CurriculumMajor Information SecurityMinor Information Security
Computer Science (CS)60 ECTS24 ECTS
Information and Computer Engineering (ICE)40+ ECTS (plus 10 SP)20+ ECTS (plus 10 SP)
Software Engineering and Management (SEM)50+ ECTS

The courses are grouped into 4 modules which reflect our core areas of research and will lead you from the foundations to cutting-edge research and impactful applications. One course per area is part of a compulsory module, while you can freely select the rest of your ECTS from all areas. About two thirds of the courses are offered by the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK), marked below in full color, the other courses are contributed by other departments.

System Security

Security is not a simple property — it needs to be understood from a whole system’s perspective! Want to hack insecure software? Want to exploit the latest side channels, or Meltdown and Spectre? Are you ready for digging deep into the architecture and developing your own secure System-on-Chip?

This module offers a holistic view on system security, giving a deep insight into both software and hardware aspects. In the individual courses you will learn about vulnerability exploitation and secure software development, investigate modern cloud operating systems and compilers, tackle microarchitectural and physical side channels, and design secure hardware components and whole System-on-Chips.