Thesis & Project

You want to do your master’s thesis or project in information security with us? Great!

Our projects and theses reflect our four core research areas: System Security, Formal Methods, Cryptology & Privacy, and Secure Applications. You’ll work with our research teams to solve challenges arising in our security research – maybe your results will even lead to a new scientific publication!

If you like one (or many!) of the open topics below, contact the listed supervisors and have a chat to find out more. If you’re unsure, but you enjoyed some of our lectures or you’re generally interested in information security, feel free to contact any of us and discuss possible directions – we’re happy to help find a suitable topic for you (or maybe find somebody else who can).

Some of our topics are “scalable” for both master projects (focus on implementation and experiments, short final report) and master’s theses (focus on research questions, typically includes implementation work and experiments, discussed in comprehensive written thesis), some are only suitable for either projects or theses, as indicated for each topic.