Graduation “sub auspiciis” for Maria Eichlseder and Peter Pessl

Lunghammer, TU Graz
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Four outstanding graduates from TU Graz received their doctorate under the auspices of the Austrian President - the highest honor in Austrian education. Among the four graduates receiving honorary rings from President Alexander Van der Bellen were two IAIK graduates.

Maria Eichlseder defended her thesis "Differential Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Primitives" in 2018 and is one of the first two women to ever receive this honor at TU Graz. Peter Pessl's thesis on "Side-Channel Attacks on Lattice-Based Cryptography and Multi-Processor Systems" investigates new side-channel attacks on cryptographic algorithms providing security against quantum computers.

With Christoph Dobraunig and Thomas Unterluggauer, who received these honors a few months prior, a total of four IAIK members graduated sub auspiciis within a year - an unprecedented occasion!

Bundespräsident Alexander van der Bellen