Stefan Pranger

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Formal Methods, PhD Student

Stefan Pranger joined IAIK in 2022 as a member of the Trusted AI group. During his Master studies of Computer Science, he was actively involved at the research at IAIK and co-authored four papers; two of them as first author, and two of the conferences are top conferences of the field. Stefan's research interests lie primarily in the area of probabilistic model checking, runtime monitoring and enforcement, and artificial intelligence.

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Stefan Pranger


My main research focus is on safety assurance for multiagent systems in probabilistic environments. Instead of applying expensive offline verification methods or incomplete testing strategies, I follow the approach of computing lightweight monitors and shields to enforce correctness during runtime while allowing maximal performance of the system. I am the main developer of the tool TEMPEST, which is able to fully automatically construct such shields that are able to provable guarantee correctness of the entire system. See:


I’m assisting in the bachelor course:

  • Logic and Compatibility (lecture and practicals: summer term)

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