Dieter Bratko


Secure Applications, Developer

Dieter Bratko studied Technical Mathematics at Graz University of Technology. He joined IAIK in 1997,
first being a member of the VLSI group and changing to the JavaSecurity group in 1998.
Since 2003 he works at Stiftung Secure Information and Communication
Technologies SIC as one of the core developers of the Java Crypto Toolkit suite.
Dieter Bratko


In the VLSI group I worked at the SOSCARD and CRISP projects. In the JavaSecurity group
I am responsible for several of our crypto libraries and was involved in PKI and
digital signature related projects and in design and setup of an emergency certification
infrastructure and service. I am interested in any aspects of design and implementation
of cryptographic standards and protocols, especially focused on digital signatures
and public key infrastructures.