Selected Topics IT Security 1

Course Number 705052 | Wintersemester 2019/20


Arne Tauber


This lecture deals with the different aspects of IT security in the area of e-Government. In the course of the lecture we will discuss e-Government concepts, the involved technologies and their applications. The main objective is to get the e-Government "Big Picture".

The lecture consists of a VO and practicals (KU). The lecture will be held in English.

  • E-Government in Austria Course-Organization, Introduction and Motivation
  • Digital signatures and the Mobile Phone Signature Electronic Signatures, Qualified Signatures, Mobile Phone Signature
  • E-Government Infrastructure Public Key, Infrastructure, Qualified Trust Service Provider, Registers
  • Identity management Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Authentication Methods and Types, Multi-factor Auth.
  • Electronic mandates Concept of Electronic Mandates in Austrian eID, Structure, Architecture
  • Electronic delivery
  • mGovernment - Modern Technologies Cryptographic Binding, Security Layer 2.0, Mobile Device Management
  • Blockchain - E-Government Use Cases Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain for Identity Management
  • Legal framework
  • eHealth
  • Current e-Government research activities (e.g. Trustworthy Service Compositions, Credential Project...)


E-Government VO (705.052)
Date Who Lecture (11:00–12:30, IFEG042) Slides
02.10.2019 Kevin Theuermann Course-Organization, Introduction and Motivation 2019_20-L01-Introduction 
09.10.2019 Andreas Abraham Electronic Signatures L02-09.10.2019-signatures
16.10.2019 Felix Hörandner Identity Management/Credential Project L03-2019-IdentityManagement
30.10.2019 Christof Rabensteiner IdM Austria, Electronic Mandates L05-2019-IdMInAustria
06.11.2019 Thomas Zefferer Cash Registers L06-2019-Cash Registers
13.11.2019 Bernhard Karning Legal Framework L07-2019-Legal_Framework
20.11.2019 Kevin Theuermann Austrian Citizen Card Concept and Infrastructure L08-2019-E-Government Infrastructure
27.11.2019 Andreas Abraham Blockchain - E-Government Use Cases 2019-L09-Blockchain
04.12.2019 Reinhard Posch Experiences and Status Quo Austrian E-Government  Cancelled
11.12.2019 Kevin Theuermann mGovernment - Modern Technologies
08.01.2020 Kevin Theuermann eHealth
15.01.2020 Kevin Theuermann Written Exam
E-Government KU (705.053)
Date Who Lecture (12:30–13:15, IFEG042) Slides
02.10.2019 Kevin Theuermann Practical Exercise Presentation  2019_20-Presentation_Practical 2019_20_Practical Exercise Documentation

Administrative Information

Exam: There is a (written) exam after the lecture or on request. The practical exercise is done via a programming exercise.

Place: The lecture takes place in the seminar room of the IAIK (IFEG042).

Office hours: No special office hours IAIK 2nd floor On appointment ( Anytime

Preliminary schedule: The lecture is held in winter semester (Wednesday 11:00 - 12:30).


Arne Tauber


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