Privacy Enhancing Technologies (WS 2022/23)

Course Number 705054 | Wintersemester 2022/23


One line statement on content of course

The lecture Privacy Enhancing Technologies gives an overview of modern cryptographic and non-cryptographic methods to increase privacy.


Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves. This lecture covers basic principles of privacy and mechanisms to increase a user's privacy. We will take a closer look at building blocks that provide privacy, including:
  • Database recovery
  • Differential Privacy and k-anonymity
  • TOR and traffic analysis
  • Anonymous Credentials and Identification
  • Multiparty Computation protocols
  • (Fully) Homomorphic Encryption
  • Private Information Retrieval
  • Blockchains
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs

COVID-19 Info

All lectures and exercises are planned in person this year. KU will also be in person. As long as the TU Graz rules permit (traffic light green, yellow, orange, red), at the VO exams will remain written, conducted in small groups and according to the TU Graz guidelines for on-campus exams. In case you are reluctant or unable to participate in an on-campus exam (e.g., risk group), contact to arrange a virtual oral exam via WebEx. You can find upcoming exam dates in TUGRAZonline. If no upcoming dates are listed, ask us! Keep in touch on Discord (channel #pets).


Date Who Lecture 14:00–16:00 Practicals 16:00–16:45
03.10.2022 CR L1: Introduction
10.10.2022 FM L2: Database recovery, Diff. Privacy, k-anonymity T1 Kickoff
17.10.2022 L3: TBA
24.10.2022 FS L4: MPC Protocols
31.10.2022 --
07.11.2022 RW L5: Homomorphic Encryption T1 deadline, T2 Kickoff
14.11.2022 FS L6: MPC/HE Use-Cases
21.11.2022 RW L7: Secure Storage/Access Privacy
28.11.2022 KK L8: Anonymous Credentials T3 Kickoff
05.12.2022 CR L9: Blockchain
12.12.2022 KK L10: VPN, TOR, and traffic analysis
19.12.2022 -
09.01.2023 CR L11: Zero-Knowledge (for BC and more) T2 Deadline, T3 Deadline
16.01.2023 L12: Conclusion Assignment Interviews
23.01.2023 Exam


Task Kick-off (16:00) Deadline (13:59, git tag) Material
T1 10.10.2022 07.11.2022 assignment, upstream
T2 07.11.2022 09.01.2023 assignment, upstream
T3 28.11.2022 09.01.2023 assignment, upstream
Group registration deadline: 10.10.2022 (23:59)

Administrative Information

Lecture Exams (VO)

The VO exam is a written exam. See above for COVID-19 plans. Please find the exam dates and registration in TUGRAZonline.

Practicals (KU)

In the practicals, you implement small projects related to the topics discussed in the lectures. The practicals consist of 3 assignments T1, T2, T3 solved in teams of 2 students. You can earn a total of 100 points; the grading scheme is shown in the table below. You will get a grade as soon as you hand in a solution to T1 by adding a git tag. Groups that do not hand in anything for T1 will not be given a grade and will be unregistered from the course. Note that handing in T1 (even an empty solution) is the only condition for “getting a grade”.
Grade 5 4 3 2 1
Min. Points < 50 ≥ 50 ≥62.5 ≥ 75 ≥ 87.5 of 100

Teams and Team Registration

The KU is done in teams of 2 students. You can use the IAIK discord, channel #pets to find team members. You then register your team at the TeachCenter.


You are given access to a git repository in our teaching git where you have to push your submission. The required content is discussed in the Kick-Off lectures. You must mark your final submission by tagging it in git. The tag label starts with the assignment (T1, T2, T3), followed by a dash and a number. As an example, T1-1 is the label for the first assignment. As tags cannot be deleted, you may always update your final submission by increasing the appended number: T1-2, T1-3, etc. In the end, the tag with the highest number before the deadline counts. Your submissions will be tested automatically by our test system. Thus, you need to respect and meet file naming constraints of the individual assignments. Otherwise, the tests will all fail and you will receive 0 points for the assignment. After hand-in of the last task, there will be a team interview for all 3 tasks. There, both team members need to be able to explain your solution of each assignment.

Points of Communication

Please use the following methods for communication:


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