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Roderick Bloem joins IAIK as Professor

We are very happy to announce that Roderick Bloem is joining IAIK as a professor. With Reinhard Posch and Vincent RIjmen, Roderick will be the third professor at IAIK. Roderick’s research interests are in formal methods, particularly in reactive synthesis and fault repair. Roderick holds an MSc degree from Leiden University and a PhD from […]

Vincent Rijmen joins IAIK

Vincent Rijmen, co-designer of Rijndael, the Advanced Encryption Standard, joins IAIK as professor. Vincent lead the IAIK crypto activities until 2012. The professorship was donated by Stiftung SIC.

A-SIT founded

The Secure Information Technology Center A-SIT has been established by its founding members Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Austria, and Graz University of Technology.