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General Information

In this course, you will have to complete 6 assignments. Each participant will get her/his own GIT repository for working on and submitting their assignments.

Do not change the name/path of your repository, and do not add other people to your repository!

The upstream repository is available at https://extgit.iaik.tugraz.at/snp/upstream

Each assignment goes into a different directory (Assignment 1: A1, Assignment 2: A2, and so on). You submit your work by tagging the according version in your GIT repository. The name of tag is the same as the directory name for the assignment (A1, A2, etc.). Deadline is always 17:59 at the specified day (usually Thursday).

We compile your programs using gcc/g++ 9.x (9.3 or later) using Linux with only the C Standard Library or the C++ Standard Library, respectively (unless stated otherwise) – you might want to ensure that your programs work for such a setup. We, furthermore, strongly recommend implementing the assignments according to the POSIX standard. If you do so it will be much easier to run your program under SWEB and thus use them in the operating systems course.

We’re happy and eager to help you before the deadline, in the question hours and we’re also happy if students help other students in the newsgroup before the deadline.

Handing in late is possible but strictly(!) not by more than 48 hours (very strict!). And you will lose bonus points (1 coin per 10 minutes)!

Removing the tag after the deadline (and grace period) resets the number of points on the corresponding assignment to 0 points.

Exam Modalities

As SLP is now a VU, regular lectures are held. Additionally an exam is required for this type of lectures. This exam is absolutely mandatory. Due to the Covid-19 Situation, further information about the dates will be announced later.


  • Max points: 30 pts
  • Date of exam: TBA 06.12.-10.12.
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Location: TBA

You have to reach at least 15 of 30 points in the exam. You have to reach at least 55 of 105 points in the assignments. You have to reach at least 75 points in total.

Overall Grading

There will be 6 assignments with a sum of 105 points (55 required for a positive grade) and 30 points (15 required for a positive grade) on the exam. Your grade will be:

  • >= 118 points ⇒ 1
  • >= 101 points ⇒ 2
  • >= 84 points ⇒ 3
  • >= 70 points ⇒ 4

We will generally invite every student to a comprehension review (similar to an oral exam but focused on the contents of the exercises) to verify that the learning goals were achieved. Note that this is more than just a regular “Abgabegespräch”! The comprehension review is done by three tutors (independently), each judging to what degree (between 0% and 115%) you have achieved the learning goal, based on any assignment (no matter whether you solved and submitted it or not). The average of these scores is multiplied to the points achieved in the exercises.

Generally bonus points can lead to a better grade but cannot turn a negative grade into a positive one.

You will get no grade if you do not submit any assignments.

We consider work or sports colleagues, friends, and relatives as conflicts of interest. Please inform us before the comprehension reviews in a letter describing the nature of the conflict so that we can ensure that you are not interviewed by that specific work or sports colleague, friend, and relative. It is not possible to declare a conflict of interest after the comprehension review.


Lecture attendance is voluntary but strongly encouraged. The course slides will be provided in this Wiki.

Furthermore there will be (almost) weekly question hours in the IAIK Practicals Room. The question hours take place on Wednesdays from 17:30 to 18:00 (for A1: 18:00 to 18:30).

See the Classes on the main page.


Please use Discord for any information. The Newsgroup channel will not be maintained anymore!