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Task: Memory Layout and Demand Paging

In this assignment we want to analyze memory layout and behavior of 32bit and 64bit programs (if in doubt: gcc/ g++  8 on a recent (default configured) 64bit Ubuntu Linux, binary compiled with -m32/-m64). All questions refer to 64bit systems, not 32bit systems.

We will examine differences in the behavior of the following groups of variables:

  1. Global variables (variables allocated in a global scope)
  2. Local variables (variables allocated in different threads)
  3. Static variables (variables allocated in with the static keyword)
  4. “Malloc variables” (variables allocated in with malloc)
  5. “Shared memory variables” (variables allocated in shared memory)

In order to get points on this assignment you have to answer questions and participate in one of the presentation sessions.

Your tasks:

  • Log in to SNP Test System and go to the Questionnaire Page
  • Write short programs to answer the questions.
    • Add these programs/notes/bash commands to your repo in folder A3.
    • We will not check these programs/notes/bash commands, if they are not there we do not care, BUT in the exercise interview you will have to demonstrate how to run one of the experiments. Worst case: you have to live-implement it within the short exercise interview. Also, if we suspect plagiarism these files can be your defense.
    • The questions are unrestricted multiple choice. That is, any number of choices from zero to all can be correct.
    • Make sure to only submit answers you can explain.
  • Register and participate in one of the presentation sessions
    • We will discuss the questions and solutions from the Questionnaire
    • We will randomly pick one student per question from the students who submitted an answer to the corresponding question.
    • You can’t be picked to answer a question you have not submitted.
    • You will then have to give your answer to that question.
    • You also have to give an argumentation on how you came up with that answer.
    • If you cannot argue your answer or if the argumentation is very vague, you will get a deduction of -50% on your questionnaire points.
    • For a correct answer + argumentation, you get +10% on your points of the questionnaire.
    • Wrong answers, which can be argued, will not increase/decrease your questionnaire points.
  • Points: Questionnaire +/- points from the presentation session

Assignment Tutor

If you have any questions regarding this assignment, try Discord and newsgroup first, and bs-helpline@iaik.tugraz.at second. If you have a more direct question regarding your specific solution, you can also ask the tutor who organizes this assignment:

Mathias Oberhuber mathias.oberhuber@student.tugraz.at
Lukas Maar lukas.maar@student.tugraz.at