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Task: Code Fixing Challenge

The goal of this task is to provide you with some self-assessment about the C language features and the underlying memory model. The goal of this assignment is to find and fix small bugs in the provided code snippets. Without these fixes, the programs do not work or misbehave. You have one hour to fix as many code snippets as possible. The quiz ends once the time is up or once you submitted all code snippets. The time frame for the quiz is 06.03. 17:00-18:00, and it is accessible on the test system (https://tacos.student.iaik.tugraz.at/snp/) via the tab “Quiz”.

Assignment Tutor

If you have any questions regarding this assignment, try discord first, and slp@iaik.tugraz.at second. If you have a more direct question regarding your specific solution, you can also ask the tutor who organizes this assignment: Fabian Rauscher, fabian.rauscher@student.tugraz.at