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How to submit deliverables

As soon as your work is done, submit it the following way. Note that depending on the type of submission, different tags(!) are required (see below):

git commit -a         # Commits your latest changes
git tag SubmissionD1  # Tags the commit as SubmissionD1
git push              # Pushes the commit onto the server
git push --tags       # Pushes the tag onto the server
git show SubmissionD1 # Delivers you the commit ID

Non-compliance to the guideline will result in point deduction.


You can confirm your submission in the test system.

Submission Tag
Design-PoC A1 SubmissionD1
Implementation A1 SubmissionI1
Design-PoC A2 SubmissionD2
Implementation A2 SubmissionI2
Second Chance A1 SubmissionS1
Second Chance A2 SubmissionS2

If you need to resubmit, remove the existing tag using the following commands:

git tag -d SubmissionD1
git push origin :refs/tags/SubmissionD1

Then tag your new submission as before!

If you resubmit after the Deadline, send us an email before(!) pushing the new tag. The new tag may or may not be considered for your submission.