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Building SWEB under Windows 10

Prerequisites & Installation

To use the ubuntu subsystem in Windows 10, you will need to do following things:

    • Verify that you have a 64-bit copy of Windows 10
    • Install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (You probably already have this)
    • Enable Developer Mode ( Settings → Update & Security → For Developers)
    • Install the Ubuntu Subsystem (Control Panel → Programs → Turn Windows Features On or Off → Windows Subsystem for Linux)
    • Execute bash (Win-R > “bash”)
    • Follow the instructions to set up the Ubuntu environment

After/During this changes you might need to restart your computer.

Installing the build dependencies

To compile and run SWEB you need the following components:

    • cmake
    • qemu
    • gcc
    • g++
    • git

All of them are available as packages for installation with apt-get. After this setup, you can continue with the build steps for Linux.

Running Qemu

If you want to run the graphical version of qemu, you will need to install an X-Server for Windows like Xming. Install and start the Xming server in Windows. You will also need to set the DISPLAY environment variable to :0.

export DISPLAY=:0

This can be added to your ~/.bash_profile to be executed automatically whenever you start bash.

Location of files on your Windows Drive

The Ubuntu system files are stored at:


Your Ubuntu user account’s home folder is stored at:


The root account’s home folder is stored at:


These folders are hidden, so its probably best to create a shortcut to them on your desktop or wherever you want.

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