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Presentation of Results


  • The final presentations of your practical results will take place on Thursday, 10.06. at 10:00.
  • Please send your presentation (pptx or pdf) via e-mail to mobilesec@iaik.tugraz.at until 08.06. at 23:59.
  • Presenting your project results is a mandatory part of Task 2.
  • Each group should register a time slot for a WebEx appointment and present the project results for 10min.
  • All others are encouraged to participate via the chat and stream at Youtube.

Why we are doing this?

The idea of the presentations is to show to your colleagues on what topic you have worked on, how you approached it, and what outcome you have achieved. Usually, in other courses, you just hand in a submission, receive points for it and all the effort you have put into the project goes somehow unnoticed. At the beginning of this course, you have chosen an individual project that sounded appealing. Upon request, I happily provided you with hints, tricks, feedback on all the topics. However, for most projects there was not just one way to approach and solve them. You were expected to bring in your own ideas, manage the time you can dedicate to the project among other duties, and to still deliver qualitative results. To shed more light on your individual contribution and your achievements, you should proudly present them to a wider audience. In past years, really cool results have been elaborated on the basis of just some tiny abstracts that I have planted as “seeds” and I am looking forward to seeing similar outcomes on 10.06.2021.

How are we doing this?

The COVID-19 situation has changed a lot in our daily routines, so we are unfortunately not able to do live presentations in the seminar room at IAIK. After testing several video streaming solutions, the best working setup I have come up with is WebEx + Youtube.


Basically, the presentation should enclose the initial problem/task, your approach(es) and your results. The focus, of course, should be put on your results. Hence, instead of just repeating the problem situation, please put an emphasis on your specific contribution. Think of the presentation as a “unique chance to sell your product”. You are encouraged to highlight the benefits of your work and to show your colleagues a nice achievement you have worked on during this class. In terms of a “Live Demo”: Yes, you can because it’s always a nice switch to something different than slides. However, if you want to do this, please test it beforehand. Of course, a “Live Demo” is no obligation. Please consider that it is a) likely to cause unexpected problems and b) may exceed the granted timeslot of 10min. So please keep that in mind when thinking about a live demo.


Each group is given a time slot of max. 10 min to present the results of your work. As a group, please come to a mutual agreement who is leading the presentation. Similarly, there are no formal requirements for the design of the presentation. Only one thing: Please try to stick to the time slot of 10 min in order to prevent a general delay situation. Also consider this when creating the slides. Typically, one slide / minute is adequate. To make this work, I will host a meeting via WebEx and on a group-wise basis admit individual groups for their 10min slots and expel them afterwards. This should ensure that really only one group / group member is speaking at a time and we have no constant beeps when people are joining or leaving. Before and after your turn, you are very much invited to follow presentations of other groups via the Youtube stream.

Presentation Procedure

  1. Register a time slot for your group here.
    1. As a name, please enter the title of your project!
    2. Choose the earliest available time slot. I don’t know how many groups will hand in, so there are probably more slots than needed.
    1. Check if others can hear you and if you can hear them.
    2. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection and that screen sharing works.
  2. Join the Youtube live stream on Thursday, 10.06.2021 at 10:00.
  3. Sometime before your time slot, mute the live stream (to prevent echoing), join the WebEx appointment and wait until you are admitted.
    1. I’m expecting all group members to be there with their mics muted, even if only one is going to present.
    2. You can but do not need to enable your webcam video, if you do not feel comfortable.
    3. Nominate a group member who will share his/her screen and step through the presentation.
      1. Screenshots: MenuShare Content
      2. In case connection should drop for some reason, another group member should take over.
    4. Please stick to the timeslot of 10min. After your presentation, you will be expelled from the channel and I will admit the next group.
  4. You will receive individual feedback about your submissions for task 1 and task 2 after the hand-in deadline.