Introduction to Scientific Working,
Bachelor Project, and Bachelor’s Thesis

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We want to include you in our research activities. We designed our Bachelor@IAIK program to prepare and accompany you from start to end during an interesting research project. It consists of the 3 courses ISW, the optional Bachelor Project, and the Bachelor’s Thesis.
You can also take these courses independently, but we’d be happy to welcome you in our full 3-course Bachelor@IAIK program:

  • In Introduction to Scientific Working (see ISW), aka Verfassen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten (VWA), we show you how to conduct and communicate scientific research, focusing on your writing and communication skills. You’ll work on a literature research topic that prepares you for your bachelor’s thesis, guided by your prospective supervisor. At the end, you give a short presentation and writeup of your topic.
  • In the optional Bachelor Project, you work on your individual practical project, which is closely connected with your bachelor’s thesis. At the end, you submit your project together with relevant documentation – this is often included in the bachelor’s thesis document.
  • In the Bachelor’s Thesis, you work on your individual scientific question. This includes literature research, practical project work, and writing. At the end, you submit your project and your written thesis, and give a presentation of your results.

Bachelor@IAIK Event

Every year, we present our new open bachelor’s thesis topics and award prizes to excellent students who contributed to scientific publications this past year. This event is also part of ISW. If you’re interested in joining us for your bachelor’s thesis in security, this is the best way to get an impression of our topics as well as how a bachelor’s thesis at IAIK works: You’ll hear about our research areas and current hot topics, our Bachelor@IAIK program where you can work on your thesis together with your fellow students in one of our offices if you like – we’re looking forward to seeing you here!

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