Russia’s access to international online networks on hold

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Within days, the largest social networks in Russia lost their raison d'être, and the digital regulars' tables emptied out. On the one hand, at the behest of the tech companies themselves, on the other, Russian authorities are visibly tightening digital censorship in the country. Russia is not only targeting popular services and digital news sites, it is also increasingly concerned with infrastructure.
"Technical access can be perfectly isolated. It's not technically difficult to seal off information," says Reinhard Posch of IAIK, and Chief Information Officer of the government. In Austria, ministries also have their own networks that are not accessible from the outside for security reasons. However, it should be borne in mind that, as a result of a cut-off, only their own services can be offered.
In Russia, this could be particularly serious. After all, civil society there has long since become accustomed to "Western" online services. Posch: "People will quickly become frustrated if established services no longer work." And, last but not least, the networked Tesla car can no longer be unlocked and locked.

(Reinhard Posch talked with Kleine Zeitung, published on 12th March, 2022)