Robert Schilling

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Secure Systems, PhD Candidate

Robert Schilling is a university assistant and PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Mangard. He started his Bachelor studies on Information and Computer Engineering at Graz University of Technology 2010 and graduated to Dipl.Ing. (MSc) in 2016. His master thesis with the title "Securing the Communication- and Memory-Interfaces of a Multi-Core Cluster" was done at ETH Zurich at the Integrated Systems Laboratory und der supervision of Prof. Luca Beninni.
Robert Schilling


He is particularly interested in designing systems, which are secure against physical attacks. This research interest includes new software-based countermeasures, security hardened processors, and new compiler enhancements to automatically secure programs against fault attacks.


I teach an undergraduate course offering and introduction to computer and network architectures and a graduate course that focuses on the design of VLSI circuits from architectural until the backend design.

  • Computer Organization and Networks (practicals: winter term)
  • Digital system Design (lecture and practicals: summer term)