Pascal Nasahl


Secure Systems, Student Researcher

Pascal Nasahl is currently working on his Information and Computer Engineering master's thesis at the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) in Graz. He is going to start his PhD in the Secure Systems (SESYS) group in late 2019.
Pascal Nasahl


My research interests include exploiting security critical systems (e.g. cars) by using physical attacks like fault injection and side-channel analysis. In addition, I am doing research on improving computer architectures by integrating countermeasures deeply in software and hardware.


Attacking AUTOSAR using Software and Hardware Attacks

Nasahl, P.

Pointing in the Right Direction - Securing Memory Accesses in a Faulty World

Schilling, R., Werner, M., Nasahl, P. & Mangard, S.
Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

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