Lorenzo Grassi

Dott. mag.

Cryptology & Privacy, PostDoc

Lorenzo Grassi is a PostDoc in the area of Symmetric Cryptography at Graz University of Technology.
His research interests include the design and cryptanalysis of symmetric cryptographic algorithms.
He defended his Ph.D. in April 2019. Prior, he did an internship at STMicroelectronics (under the supervision of Guido M. Bertoni), and he studied Mathematics at "Università degli Studi di Milano" (Italy).
Lorenzo Grassi


My research include
  • cryptanalysis of (round-reduced) AES and AES-like ciphers;
  • design of (new) block ciphers/hash functions/cryptography permutations which are targeted for new applications like Multi-Party Computation/Post-Quantum Signature Scheme/SNARKs/…;
  • statistical/algebraic cryptanalysis (in general).

My interests, however, span a much wider area of cryptography and beyond (including post-quantum cryptography and provable security).


I teach cryptography as part of:
  • Applied Cryptography (lecture and practicals: winter term)
  • Applied Cryptography 2 (lecture/seminar and practicals: summer term)