Lena Heimberger

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Cryptology & Privacy, PhD Student

Lena Heimberger is a PhD Student at Graz University of Technology, advised by Prof. Christian Rechberger. Before, she completed her Dipl.Ing. (equivalent to MSc) in Computer Science, with a major in IT Security and a minor in Embedded and Mobile Systems. Before that, she studied Secure Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria. Her main research interests focus on general low-level privacy-preserving primitives, especially OPRFS, and sometimes on how to translate them to a post-quantum setting.
Lena Heimberger


My interests include

  • mathematical cryptography, namely cool cryptography built from algebra
  • scalable and privacy-preserving cryptography, especially considering tradeoffs like bandwidth and parallelization
  • distributed computing, especially large-scale networks and federation, as well as messaging
  • as well as the legal aspects of the above, it would be nice to have a legislative ground to enforce privacy.

Please email me if you are looking for a thesis, project, or internship. I usually have some topic ideas that are in an early stage of development. If you are curious about any of the topics above, I’m happy to hear from you!


I teach cryptography as a part of:

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (WS2023/24)
  • Modern Public Key Cryptography (SS 2023)

I used to teach cryptography as a part of:

I do not have fixed office hours, but I am available if you have questions, concerns, or if you just want to talk about course material or cryptography in general. Should you want to write a thesis in my general area of research, I’m most happy to explore potential topics. Please just send me an E-Mail so we can schedule an appointment!