Lena Heimberger

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Cryptology & Privacy, Research Staff

Lena Heimberger is a PhD Student at Graz University of Technology, advised by Prof. Christian Rechberger. Before, she completed her Dipl.Ing. (equivalent to MSc) in Computer Science, with a major in IT Security and a minor in Embedded and Mobile Systems. Before that, she studied Secure Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria. Her main research interests focus on low-level privacy-preserving primitives in a post-quantum setting.
Lena Heimberger


My interests include mathematical cryptography, scaleable and privacy-preserving protocols, general public key cryptography, and distributed computing. I currently focus on basic primitives from supersingular isogenies and lattices. On a more applied side, I investigate private messaging protocols. As a side project, I investigate quantum-assisted computing.

If you are looking for a master thesis, project or internship please write me an E-Mail. I currently do not supervise bachelor theses as I already have several students.


I teach cryptography as a part of: