Johannes Feichtner

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Secure Applications, PhD Candidate

Johannes Feichtner is a PhD candidate with a research focus on mobile security. Before joining IAIK in 2014, he studied Software Engineering and Management at Graz University of Technology and completed his graduate studies with distinction.
Johannes Feichtner


My research interests include the analysis of mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as network security. In my Ph.D., I dedicate myself to the development of methods that describe and enable a more profound understanding of what is actually executed within applications for Android and iOS.


I teach networks as part of several undergraduate courses:
  • Computer Organization and Networks (lecture and practicals: winter term)
  • Information Security (lecture and practicals: winter term)
  • Rechner- und Kommunikationsnetze (lecture and practicals: winter term)
In a graduate course, I highlight security aspects of smartphones and mobile applications:
  • Mobile Security (Advanced Computer Networks) (lecture and practicals: summer term)