Bianca Rosemarie Danczul

Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Secure Applications, PhD Student

Bianca Danczul started working at the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) in 2021 as part of the Secure Information Technology Center Austria (A-SIT) Team. She is currently working on the Horizon 2020 Eratosthenes project. Before joining the IAIK, she finished her master degrees in Information Security at University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten in 2018 and in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University in 2021.
Bianca Rosemarie Danczul


In my PhD thesis I will focus on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. I am currently involved in the following projects:

  • Eratosthenes, an EU project focusing on developing a decentralized and contextual Trust and Identity Management Framework for resource-restricted IoT environments following a self-sovereign approach.