New bachelor and master courses

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

With the start of winter term 2019/20, we offer several new courses to provide a thorough foundation for security in the bachelor's degree programmes and discuss cutting-edge topics in our master's courses.

The bachelor's degree programmes
Computer Science (CS),
Information and Computer Engineering (ICE), and
Software Engineering and Management (SEM)
have been completely restructured and now consist of larger modules.
As part of this restructuring, we've developed the following new modules:

  • Computer Organization and Networks (CON),
    which includes parts of previous lectures "Rechnerorganisation" and "Rechner- und Kommunikationsnetze".
  • Information Security (InfSec),
    which includes parts of previous lectures "Introduction to Information Security" and "Rechner- und Kommunikationsnetze".

We've also updated our other courses to fit the new curricula. We summarized all IAIK-related changes and equivalence lists on a dedicated page. For more general information about the transition to the new curricula, check out the information by Bits.

The master's degree programmes will be restructured significantly in winter term 2020/21, so look forward to a shiny and new Security curriculum! For now, we're already working on new content, including

  • Mathematical Background of Cryptography (AK IT Security 2, winter term),
    which takes a closer look at the mathematical concepts behind modern cryptography.

You can find a full list of our courses here (TODO: URL).