“Information Security” selected as best-evaluated course

Our lecture "Information Security" is the best-evaluated bachelor-level course of the CS&BME faculty!

In an award ceremony at CS&BME Faculty Day 2022, the faculty celebrated both the best students ("Dean's List") and, for the first time this year, the best course ("Students' List") in each degree programme.
"Information Security VO" won with the best evaluations in the past years in the bachelor degree programmes CS, ICE, and SEM.
Earlier this week, "Information Security" was also a nominated finalist for the Prize for Excellence in Teaching by TU Graz, which several IAIK courses have won in the past years. The course is taught by Maria Eichlseder, Daniel Gruss, and Jakob Heher and introduces students to the foundations of our research areas: Cryptography & Privacy, System Security, and Secure Applications.

Congratulations to all awardees on the Dean's List - we're proud that several of them are teaching assistants in our courses!