Modern Public Key Cryptography (SS 2022)

Course Number 705008 and 705008 | Sommersemester 2022


  • Advanced Cryptographic Primitives
  • Public Key Cryptography (public key encryption schemes, signature schemes, commitment schemes, zero knowledge, …)
  • Provable Security (security models, basic ideas of reductionist security proofs)


In this course you will get to know the details of many public-key cryptosystems;

… be able to show the security of common cryptographic schemes by constructing a security proof;

… learn more about advanced aspects of cryptography and cryptographic research.


Date Lecture (14:00–16:00) Who
02.03.2022 Intro
L01 – Basics
09.03.2022 L02 – PKE DK
23.03.2022 L03 – Signatures DK
30.03.2022 L04 – Provable Security LH
27.04.2022 L05 – Zero Knowledge 1 DK
04.05.2022 L06 – Zero Knowledge 2 DK
25.05.2022 L07 – Provable Aspects of Symmetric-Key Cryptography DK
01.06.2022 L08 – Lattices 1 LH
08.06.2022 L09 – Lattices 2 LH


Administrative Information


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