Introduction to Scientific Working

Course Number 705009 | Wintersemester 2020/21


Composition of lecture, discussion, independent student work and oral presentations based on existing papers and presentations of specific topics of the institute. Analysis of structure of scientific papers and preparation of structure and of sections of a paper. Planning and evaluation of oral presentations.

We want to include you in our research activities. Therefore, we designed our Bachelor@IAIK program to prepare and accompany you from start to end during an interesting research project. Our Bachelor@IAIK program consists of the three classes ISW (Introduction to Scientific Working), the Bachelor Project, and the Bachelor Thesis.
Of course, you can also take these classes independently, but we’d be happy to welcome you in our Bachelor@IAIK program spanning multiple, ideally all three, of these classes.


Date Time Where What
29.10.2020 14:00 Youtube Kick-off and presentation of topics
09.11.2020 12:00 WebEx Writing Lab
25.01.2021 16:00 Final presentations

Administrative Information

Discord channel:


Please register to the course in TUGRAZonline.

To get started, contact a supervisor to discuss potential topics and send us a confirmation email after you decided:

  • Deadline: 9 November 2020
  • To:
  • CC: Your supervisor
  • Subject: ISW topic registration
  • Content: Which topic? Which courses (ISW, project, thesis)?

For more administrative information, please refer to the kick-off slides.


After successful completion of the course the students are familiar with methods of scientific methods of operation and have acquired a basic understanding for them. They are able to analyse the structure of written scientific papers and of oral presentations and are also able to apply the acquired knowledge to their own work.

Teaching Method

Technical-scientific work under guidance; preparation of the structure and of sections of a scientific paper and oral presentations.

How to get a grade

Written scientific paper and oral presentation (possibly virtual).

Lecture Dates

Date Begin End Location Event Type Comment
2021/01/25 16:30 20:00 Seminarraum Abhaltung SE fix/The final presentations after you finished your report conclude this course.


Stefan Mangard

Head of Institute

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Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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