Computer- and Communication Networks

Course Number 705088 | Wintersemester 2019/20


This course offers an introduction into the fundamentals of computer networks and communiction technology. It discusses the network layers typically found in today's Internet-based communication. A focal point of this course are questions related to network security. Thus, protocols found in today's networks are analyzed with respect to their function, their historical development, and their weaknesses.
  • Fundamentals
    • History of the Internet, most common types of networks, P2P technologies
    • How to attack (and defend) modern Networks? Where are their weaknesses?
    • Vulnerabilities, Tools, Protection mechanisms
  • Layers in the OSI Model
    • Data Link: Ethernet, Switches
    • Network: Routing, IPv4/IPv6
    • Transport: TCP/UDP
    • Application: HTTP, HTTP/2, TLS, WebSockets, ...



The lecture for Computer and Communication Networks enables you to acquire knowledge about the most important network protocols and their practical application. Attendance is not mandatory but you are encouraged to participate continuously in order to get the "big picture". More organisational details are outlined in the first set of slides and below.
Date Topic Download
20.11.2019 Network Basics PDF
27.11.2019 (Between) Link and Network Layer PDF
04.12.2019 Network and Transport Layer PDF
11.12.2019 Application Layer PDF
13.12.2019 Security: Data Link & Network Layer PDF
10.01.2020 Security: Web (Browser) PDF
17.01.2020 Security: TLS / SSL PDF
24.01.2020 Security: TLS Attacks & DNS Security PDF

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The course aims to make the basics of computer networks accessible. Basic protocols and technologies are described, such as local networks or the Internet (TCP/IP). However, considering the dynamically envolving field, topical developments represent a focal point of the course. Therefore, the course attaches great importance to making this topical state accessible. Examples are HTTP/2 and Web technologies, such as WebSockets and Content Security Policies.



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