Cloud Operating Systems (SS 2021)

Course Number 705050 | Sommersemester 2021


Daniel Gruß


In this class, we will cover a range of topics around cloud computing:
  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • Virtualization
  • Containers
  • Isolation
  • Resource Management
  • Security Issues
  • Efficiency
  • Storage
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized
As a new class, we're expecting to start with a smaller number of students and work in teams to build our own hypervisor as a central concept in many cloud computing systems.


Administrative Information

Previous Knowledge

Good knowledge of, and substantial experience in, C and C++ (ESP, SEP, SNP). Basic knowledge of computer architecture. And most importantly, decent knowledge and understanding of operating systems concepts.

Prerequisites Curriculum

See position in the curriculum


After attending Cloud Operating Systems, students have a basic understanding of system-level concepts in modern clouds. They understand the basic tasks of a hypervisor as well as possible approaches to their implementation. Furthermore, they understand the necessary cooperation of the hypervisor with the operating system and the underlying hardware. Students are able to implement a real hypervisor on their own.



Teaching Method

How to get a grade

Programming Exercises, Oral Exercise Interviews (possibly virtual), and Written or Oral Exam (possibly virtual)



Daniel Gruß

Assistant Professor

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