Awards for high relevance to society

The Technology and Society Forum has awarded its 2019 Sponsorship Prizes (Förderpreis) for dissertations and master's theses with particularly high relevance to society at Graz University of Technology – and 3 of the 7 awardees this year are IAIK students!

  • Maria Eichlseder won the 2nd prize for her dissertation "Differential Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Primitives"
  • Angela Promitzer won the 1st prize for her master's thesis "Efficient Picnic: Optimizing a Post-Quantum Signature Scheme"
  • Gerald Palfinger won the 2nd prize ex aequo for his master's thesis "SCAnDroid: Automatic Side-Channel Detection Framework for the Android API"

Congratulations to all winners!

IAIK has a stellar track record for relevant students' theses: last year's awards for theses in 2017/18 also saw 3 out of 6 prizes awarded to IAIK students, all focused on microarchitectural attacks such as Spectre and Meltdown.