Awards for high relevance to society

Foto © Lunghammer – TU Graz

The Technology and Society Forum has awarded its 2019 Sponsorship Prizes (Förderpreis) for dissertations and master's theses with particularly high relevance to society at Graz University of Technology – and 3 of the 7 awardees this year are IAIK students!

  • Maria Eichlseder won the 2nd prize for her dissertation "Differential Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Primitives"
  • Angela Promitzer won the 1st prize for her master's thesis "Efficient Picnic: Optimizing a Post-Quantum Signature Scheme"
  • Gerald Palfinger won the 2nd prize ex aequo for his master's thesis "SCAnDroid: Automatic Side-Channel Detection Framework for the Android API"

Congratulations to all winners!

IAIK has a stellar track record for relevant students' theses: last year's awards for theses in 2017/18 also saw 3 out of 6 prizes awarded to IAIK students, all focused on microarchitectural attacks such as Spectre and Meltdown.