IAIK-2FA | Exchange (Linux)

This tutorial shows how to setup MFA enabled IAIK Exchange in Thunderbird.

On a fresh thunderbird installation, abort the setup assistant:

Confirm exiting the setup assistant:

Use the burger-menu to access “Add-ons and Themes”:

Search for the “OWL” plugin:

Install to Owl for Exchange plugin:

Confirm installation of the plugin:

Now you ahve installed Owl for Exchange:

To add the account, open the “Account Settings” tab:

DO NOT USE THE “Account Actions” MENU.

Use “Add-ons and Themes” to open the menu:

Select the “Extensions” tab on the left menu and click the “wrench”-icon:

Use the “Add new account manually…” button to add your account:

Specify your account like this. ENSURE you are using your username in UPN-form (username@iaik.tugraz.at). For older accounts, it is NOT the same as your email!

with your Intranet account:

After the signin has completed, you find your email:

And calendars:

And address books:

in Thunderbird.